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RAISED TOILET SEATS AND TOILET SAFETY FRAMES Invacare toilet safety products make the bathroom a safer enviorment for individuals with special needs.



Shower chairs provide a comfortable seating surface for bathing or showering. They were designed for individuals who require more support than that provided by a bath board. If you have low endurance, or difficulty standing in the shower or tub, our shower chairs will provide you with a safe way of bathing. They are designed for individuals who require seating support when bathing or showering, and fit in virtually any standard tub or shower. Invacare shower chairs provide comfort and safety in the bathtub.



Manatee bath seat:
With multiple seating positions, this depth adjustable bath seat is your hygienic solution. Great accessories, colors, and functions make this high quality bathing chair ideal for any child with special needs.



INVACARE TUB TRANSFER BENCHES Transfer Benches extend beyond the edge of the bathtub and are designed to help out make transfers in and out of the bathtub as safely as possible. They have a comfortable seat so you can sit down while you shower, and arm rails which provide you with additional support. Transfer benches are available with or without padding. If your mobility is restrict or if you're using crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair, transfer benches will help you safely transfer in and out of the tub without fear of slipping or falling.

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