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Our newest gait trainer from R82 is available in two sizes and designed for children from 2 to 14 years of age. The large solid wheels allow children to explore most terrains.

The Crocodile is the ideal product for developing the walking skills of children with varying abilities. The versatile Crocodile may be equipped with a sling seat, a fold down seat, arm prompts, pelvic supports, and anti-tips for children who need more support and positioning




Custom Seating

ShurShape is a unique and revolutionary way to provide custom molded seating to seated mobility users. It allows a seating professional to mold and capture a shape, and then deliver the finished product to the user in a couple of hours, without a simulator! The ShurShape custom molded seating system is a patent pending process that utilizes foam granules inside a flexible enclosure in conjunction with a unique linear style platform. This system can create very aggressive contours with excellent postural control and is very easy to modify if needed. ShurShape is a LATEX FREE product of course.

Freedom SP 3:
The Freedom SP 3 wheelchair has it all!

Swing-away front end, folding or rigid frame, tilt in space, front wheel drive or standard, growth capabilities, as well as 15 vibrant, new, powder coated frame colors (no charge), are some of the exciting options this frame has! Built for seating and positioning systems, and adjustability , this makes the Freedom SP 3 the most versatile chair in the world!

The Freedom SP 3 offers limitless possibilities, as well as quality workmanship!

Gizmo Tilt in Space:
The new, spectacular Gizmo Tilt in Space folding wheelchair boasts exceptional quality, as well as a superb design and "state-of-the-art" look! This lightweight, versatile frame has many new and exciting options, such as: 45 degrees of tilt, swing away 90 and 75 degree hangers, folding or rigid, available with or without the transport package and 15 vibrant, new, powder coated frame colors (no charge).

Our new, innovative Hub-Lock with multiple engagement lever frame mounts, is featured on the Gizmo.

The Gizmo is splendidly designed with the user in mind, offering adjustability, outstanding quality and a frame that is made for any seating solution.


The Tiger from R82 is a versatile tiger_maindependent tilt-in-space push-chair that can handle the individual seating requirements of almost any child with special needs. The seat easily reclines from an upright to a horizontal position. The seat width, depth, and back height adjust to expand as your child grows. The reversible seat allows a caregiver to maintain eye contact with the child at all times. The seat easily removes from the base for storage and transport.

The Tiger is available in two sizes and four fabric selections (see color swatches). The Tiger seating system can be utilized on several of our mobility frames. Optional accessories include a variety of headrests, harnesses, straps, swing-away lateral supports, and more.


Traveller Car Seat

From Snug Seat, the leaders in pediatric rehabilitation, and Britax USA, the leaders in car seat innovation, comes the Traveller Plus. The finest car seat for children with special needs.
The Traveller Plus can be used with either a lap belt or a lap and shoulder belt combination. This allows you to use the Traveller Plus in any forward facing rear vehicle seat. The car seat is LATCH Compliant for a child up to 48 lbs.

The Traveller Plus has two optional accessories: A seat extension attaches directly to the front of the restraint seat for a deeper and more comfortable fit for larger children, and a pommel attaches to the crotch strap for leg abduction.

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