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Custom Rehab Wheelchairs: Features Items include sit-to-stand standers.

KidWalk - A New Dimension in Mobility.....Designed for clients to access and explore their environment! Offers - Hands free mobility, Lateral weight shift during ambulation, Small turning radius, Rolls over carpets, Large wheels assist maneuvering, Mid-wheel design encourages rotation of the upper body over the pelvis while kidwalkturning, and Tool-free adjustability. Additional features:

  • Auto Centering
  • Pelvic Guides
  • Weight Reducing Seat
  • and Seating System
  • Fully Supportive
  • Positioning System

Dynamic Mobility System

  • Quick exacting pelvic positioning.
  • Single adjustment allows bilateral
  • pelvic pad placement.
  • Mid-wheel location allows for better turning control for the client.
  • Swing up lateral supports.
  • Swing up pelvic supports.
  • Hip and chest laterals adjust in height, width and depth.
  • Removable seat assembly.
  • All pads swing up to allow easy placement and positioning of the client.
  • Supplies natural gait movement.
  • Allows therapeutic adjustment for use in ambulation and therapy oriented activities.
  • Seat and support system move with the client allowing the natural movement of the body while reducing weight and fatigue.
  • Easy to use, one hand height adjustment mechanism allows quick positive adjustments while the child is in the unit.





quickie 2

Sunrise Medicals flagship manual chair, the Quickie® 2, has more features and options than any other folding chair in today's market. The newest version includes new features and options such as a transit option for users up to 350 lbs, a uni-lateral wheel lock and an adjustable upholstered back with laterals that mount to the backposts. Its versatility and well-established track record make the Quickie® 2 the premier choice in a manual folding chair.


Chairman 2 Corpus

Two words. Human technology.
That’s what characterises this wheelchair. We mean a combination of ingeniouscorpus seat lift technical solutions that exist solely to serve the user. This applies to everything from the alternative control options to all the details that together make the Corpus seat so special.

Because our design is based on modules it’s been possible to apply cutting-edge technology which otherwise would have been far too costly.

The result is a chair that’s corpus seat tiltunbelievably comfortable and safe. A major reason for this is the fully suspension-mounted chassis with adjustable spring suspension and damping on the rear wheels. In order to make the journey even smoother, the rear of the chair is fitted with rubber damping.

The electric seat inclination regulator, sometimes called the seat “tilt”, can be set at an angle of as much as 45 degrees, at which point the pressure on the legs is completely relieved. Being able to shift body weight and change position is absolutely necessary in order to be able to sit for long periods and be active in the chair. The backrests and leg rests are also electrically adjustable.


Chairman 2k Vertical

Chairman 2k Vertical is basically the same as Chairman 2k Corpus. The big difference is that it is possible to stand up in the vertical version. The reason why wevertical laying draw so much attention to the close similarity between the two chairs is that it really shows what a good wheelchair Chairman 2k Vertical is.

The best thing about this chair is – everything. In other words the way it combines so many advantages. ­Quite simply, it has everything an “ordinary” chair can offer, geared so that the user can also stand up in it. There are in fact two variants of the chair to give a wider range of options:

It is possible to raise Chairmanvertical up 2k Vertical Standard from the sitting position to standing up. Chairman 2k Vertical with combined adjustments is more advanced. It is possible to raise it to vertical from sitting or lying or any intermediate position. The ability to go to a completely horizontal position amongst other thing facilitate the transfer to and from bed. In other words, it is even more flexible.

It is possible for the chair with combined regulation to run in the vertical position. In order for this to be safe, the speed is considerably reduced, and in addition the chair has supporting wheels under the footrest.


easystannd magician stander

The Magician•ei is an early intervention standing system for preschool kids. It features Comfy Seat wrap-around upholstery and normal hip and knee alignment that maintains position from sitting to standing. It is adjustable to grow with a child for many years. A variety of support and mobility options accommodate children with different levels of disability.


Who uses the 5000?

Individuaeasystand 5000 standerls from 5' to 6'5'' (152-195 cm) and up to 280 lbs. (114 kg.) The 5000 XL accommodates individuals up to 6'10" (208 cm) and 350 lbs. (159 kg).
Individuals with hip, knee or ankle contractures
Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spina Bifida, Stroke & more
What is the 5000?

The EasyStand 5000 is a supportive sit-to-stand stander designed to meet the needs of a variety of people. Tool-free adjustments and a wide variety of support options make it ideal for multi-user facilities.

Where would you use this stander?

Rehabilitation Facilities and Hospitals
Schools and Educational Settings
Extended Care Units, Nursing Homes, & Group Homes
Home and Workplace
Veterans’ Hospitals

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